Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Blog Begins!

Sunday, August 22nd

Well, I can't believe it... but I think I have officially started a blog!  And I didn't even need anyone's help to get it started (hence the very pitiful-looking design scheme).  For those of you who know me, you will know that this is truly a small miracle.  I am technologically-challenged, to say the least. 

Anyway, this is a blog about our journey to adopt our baby girl from Korea.  We titled it "Born in Our Hearts" because our love for her has been growing in our hearts for quite some time.  We began our journey years ago, when we became involved with a local non-profit group in our town that helps provide grants to families who are adopting.  Jake and I had both discussed adoption as a possibility for growing our family since the beginning of our marriage, but our desire reached a whole new level after attending a benefit dinner sponsored by this group.  The speaker was a man who was adopted as a young boy, and his story was a very powerful one.  Leaving the dinner that night, we decided as a couple that adopting a baby was something that, God willing, we would do one day.

At that dinner five years ago, I truly believe that God planted a seed in both of our hearts.  It has been growing ever since.  We have prayed about adoption for quite some time, and are very excited to announce that we are officially "waiting" for a referral!  Our paperwork was sent to Korea on August 12th, so we are praying and waiting to finally see the picture of our baby girl.

Of course, life is keeping us VERY busy while we wait.  We have been blessed with three beautiful boys, and they keep us on our toes all the time.  Luke will be seven in a few weeks, Max is five, and Josh is two.  So...lots of people think we are crazy for adopting a baby at this point.  We figure we are already outnumbered, so why not?  We can't wait to meet our precious baby girl and love her so much already.

Here are some pictures of our recent beach trip and of Luke's birthday party.  He's not quite seven yet... but he had his party a few weeks early.


Anonymous said...

Not crazy for wanting a fourth one....just very BRAVE! You guys will be wonderful parents again and what a blessing that you are able to provide a loving home for a child who will need you so much.

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you, and I think the blog looks fantastic! Ben and I are praying for your family as well, and we can't wait to meet our new less than a year! Thanks for sharing your journey! We'll keep following your blog, and talk to you in person, of course! We love you!
Ben & Emiley :)