Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Fingerprint Saga

Jake and I spent a couple of hours two weeks ago getting our fingerprints done for our I-600A form.  Let's just say it did not go according to plan.

Jake sailed right through the procedure, which was having each of his fingers scanned on a digital machine.  Apparently, his fingers are perfect specimens!  I, on the other hand, had a different experience.  The technician took A LONG, LONG time trying to get my prints, but concluded that they are undetectable.  They said that 1% of people have "the wrong type of skin" and that it is hard to get clear prints.  I feel so special!

Naturally, I asked what the procedure would be from there.  They said that they would send what they were able to get (2 of 10 fingers) and wait for the FBI to determine them insufficient.  They would then send me a letter (probably a few weeks later) with a rescheduled appointment date (probably a few weeks after that).  Although my skin isn't changing, I then get to try again the digital way.  If it doesn't work the second time, I will wait for another letter (again, a few more weeks) and be instructed to go to my local police station for ink prints.

Of course, when I asked if we could bypass all this and just do ink prints (there was an ink pad sitting right there on the table), I was told no and that we "have to follow the procedure."  Of course!  That makes lots of sense, right?

Anyway, I am hoping that the next time will take.  I already received my letter with my new appointment time.  Of course, it's on a day I'm supposed to work, but I'm afraid rescheduling would be a bad move. 

Government- you gotta love it!

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